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Latest News

Back Hallway Painting

Posted on Wednesday, June 05 2019

Back Hallway Painting

Please be advised that the back hallway is being painted today, Wednesday June 5th.

This means that there is no access to hallway for the day.

Access to the back hallway is denied to all for the entire day of Wednesday May 5th.

Thank You – NCL Board of Directors

Enercare Connections - Electricity Meter Exchanges at New Cambridge Lofts

Posted on Thursday, April 25 2019

Dear residents, due to the Seal Life of the meters expiring this year, Enercare needs to perform meter exchanges to conform with Measurement Canada Regulations. 

Date Of Work: May 1st and May 2nd between 9AM to 5PM (window)

Power Shutdown

A power shutdown is required to safely exchange the meter systems, meaning that the suite’s power to the receptacles, lights, stove, etc. will be off during this work.
All units listed below will be affected by this intermittent power shutdown (10-15 minutes per suite).

202, 211, 306, 309, 404, 405, 409, 412, 501, 505, 506, 509, 513, 603, 607, 610, 611, 613, 708, 709, 711, 713, 807, 813, 910, 912, 1004, 1008, 1012, 1103, 1112, 1203, 1213, 1305, 1310, 1403, 1405, 1407, 1412, 1503, 1509, 1702, 1704, 1705, 1713, 1802, 1806

Enercare does not require access to the suites. The power shutdown will only be for 10-15 minutes while they work on the individual suite. No other units will be affected during that time. You are not required to do anything in preparation for this work. Thank you. 

Refuse Tossed Out of Windows

Posted on Wednesday, March 20 2019

Refuse Tossed Out of Windows

The snow on the third and second floor decks has melted and revealed that some residents of floors above have been tossing refuse out of their window.

Refuse being tossed out of windows is strictly prohibited.
Offenders will be fined by the NCL Condo Corporation.

Upper floor residents who do not have a screen in the window casing for the one opening window of their units may be interviewed regarding the violation of common decency and the condo bylaw that relates to that behaviour.


Posted on Friday, February 01 2019


Attention all Tenants


Failure to do so may result in burst heating or water pipes inside your unit.


Thank You for your cooperation.
The NCL Board

Crane in Alley Sturday December 15th, 2018

Posted on Tuesday, December 04 2018

Crane in Alley Sturday December 15th, 2018

A special operation will be occurring in the alley behind the building.

A large crane will be lifting away old Make Up Air unit sections and placing the new sections on top of the roof.

The operation starts at 7 AM and will continue until Noon.

There will be obstruction of the alley.

NCL parkade users, please, have your vehicle inside or outside the parkade before 7 AM because you will not be allowed to move your vehicle into or out of the parkade between 7 AM and Noon.

Improvements to the Make Up Air unit will enhance the residency experience for all.

We are excited to have this development.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Board of Directors

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