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Moving In?

First of all, on behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to the building! The New Cambridge Lofts is a dynamic, ever-improving community, full of great people. We hope you enjoy your time here.

We keep residents posted about happenings in the building, neighbourhood events and news announcements using this very website. Be sure to sign up to see all of the website content. In addition to news updates, special amenities are offered to website users; for example, using the website, you can ensure that the doorstaff can accept deliveries on your behalf when you are not at home. 

Speaking of our doorstaff, we have one stationed in our lobby. They can also be reached by phone at 780-267-1888. Feel free to contact the doorstaff with any questions you may have about the building, or to notify them of any violations of the condominium bylaws you may witness.

Our management company is Condocare, and they can be reached at (780) 773-7773. Condocare also has a 24-hour emergency line at (780) 773-7773.

Move-In/Move-Out Process

Moves may be booked to occur between the hours of 9:30am and 5:30pm each day, in alignment with the building doorstaff's schedule. Moves must be booked in advance; unauthorized moves will result in the unit owner being fined, in addition to any damage incurred.

To book a move, please call the building doorstaff at 780-267-1888. We ask that you provide a minimum of two weeks advance notice of the move; the earlier you book, the better the chances are that the slot you want will be available! Please note that the moving elevators may be booked for a maximum of three hours at a time, as a courtesy to other residents who may wish to utilize the elevators on the same day.

Once the booking has been confirmed by the doorstaff, the process is as follows:

  • Upon parking in the alley on the north side of the building, you can call the doorstaff to notify them of your arrival. The doorstaff will greet you and show you where to park the moving vehicle in the alley. You will be provided with a temporary City of Edmonton parking pass to ensure that no parking tickets are issued while the move-in is taking place. A driver’s licence or other form of collateral must be temporarily left with the doorstaff in exchange for the parking pass.
  • The doorstaff will lock off the freight elevator for your exclusive use during the move.
  • Once all items have been moved into the suite, you will touch base with the doorstaff, and return the parking pass.
  • At your convenience, drop by the doorstaff's desk for a quick tour of the building. The doorstaff can also program your phone number into the intercom system, and check to make sure that you have a functional fob to access the building.
  • Finally, you will be given a welcome package containing relevant and interesting details about services within the building, and the downtown area!

Other Steps

Check out the documents section of the website to read the building's bylaws (noise, etc)! If you have a pet, let us know by completing the pet registration form located in that section.